October 15, 2023

Sharing Experience Running Facebook Ads: Insights from a $6 Million Experienced Markete


Nodoma, a Facebook ads consultant from WefunAgency, shares valuable insights and lessons learned from years of experience in running successful campaigns. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced advertiser, these insights can help optimize your Facebook campaigns.


The quality of your traffic is more important than the quantity it generates.

It is far more valuable to have 100 high-quality clicks on an ad than to receive 100,000 low-quality clicks. Sending low-quality traffic to your website will make it increasingly difficult to achieve long-term results. Such traffic adversely affects your Pixel data and the conversion optimization within ads manager.

It is crucial to allow your ads sufficient time to optimize before deciding to deactivate them.

In my experience managing campaigns, I have encountered instances where a new campaign initially performs poorly for a couple of days. However, on the fourth day, the results improve dramatically, compensating for the earlier subpar performance, and even surpassing expectations. If I had acted impatiently and turned off the ads after just a day or two, I would have missed out on these outstanding results.

Fixing low-performing ads requires more than a single small adjustment.

Many people mistakenly believe that one small fix, such as targeting, will solve all their ad issues. However, during consulting calls, clients often overlook other crucial aspects like confusing ad copy, inadequate budget allocation, and low-quality creative. Simply focusing on one interest won’t resolve the numerous underlying issue

Confusing ads waste ad spend

To grab viewers’ attention on Facebook, it’s important to make offers that are easily understood. Ads should convey the main point within 3 seconds, either through clear visuals or contextual headlines and text.

Let go of underperforming ads without emotional attachment.

Managing over $6 million on Facebook Ads taught me the importance of recognizing when something isn’t working. Learn from unsuccessful campaigns, create a plan, and move forward to optimize performance.

These lessons stem from managing campaigns for numerous businesses and investing millions in Facebook ads. Apply these insights to your own campaigns for success.

If you need personalized assistance in achieving your marketing goals, feel free to reach out. Stick with the optimization process and expect to see results over time