October 15, 2023

Guide to self-checking your ad budget


Some service providers deceive you by manipulating the amount spent on your ads, and you’re unaware of it.

For example, you receive a report stating that you spent $10,000 this month, but in reality, it could be only $9,000. Yes, they’ve stolen $1,000 from you.

The checking process is quite simple. Just access your Facebook ad account and type in facebook.com/pe, then select the monthly or weekly report.
Compare it with the report from the service provider you’re using. Give it a try and don’t let the thieves take your money.

Join Nodoma’s team, where all reports are transparent and clear. If you can find that I cheated you even a single dollar, I will refund you the all deposit balance, and more.

We post here because we are confident in our services.